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A new round of The Mens Dept is starting on 6th August and I don't care what else it will bring (though it will, no doubt, be good) cause I already found the winner - the new mesh yukata made by [Sheep Door]. While the girls already got a good dosis of kimono and yukata in mesh made by *Sweetaholic, we guys still had to fight with obi sticking in our chests or diseappearing completely as soon as we attached our katana. Problem solved, especially as the yukata comes in three different styles complete with zouri. ありがとうございます [Sheep Door]。

Hair: Eaters Coma (new)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (new for The Mens Dept) *mesh 
Lashes: Maitreya *mesh
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~
Earrings: ROZOREGALIA (new)
Yukata: [Sheep Door] (new for The Mens Dept) *mesh
Feet: SLink *mesh
Poses: Del May 


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