Skin Review - Glam Affair [Lilith]

In March this year Glam Affair released its long-awaited freckled beauty called Leah and the skin conquered the grid in a heartbeat. Leah was youthful, sweet and less high-fashion than all former Glam Affair skins. And while the SL fashion world largely welcomed her with arms wide open there were also a few voices criticizing the heavy realism of the skin such as the visible pores, beauty marks and yes, the freckles. 

The wonderful thing about Glam Affair's owner Aida Ewing is that she is one of the few creators who actually involve buyers and bloggers actively in the creation process. Whenever she has a work in progress she posts little teasers on Plurk, asks for feedback on the skin tones and makeups and considers all suggestions in her final decision-making progress to gain a maximum of customer satisfaction.

All this lead to a complete makeover of Leah and so her little sister Lilith was born. Lilith has the body of Glam Affair's last release - Cassiopea. She comes in six skin tones as shown above with blonde, red and dark brows each (each with and without hairbase). And yes, the back features those ├╝ber-cute bum dimples again.

Leah did not only undergo some body surgery but she also got a facelift to become Lilith. The freckles are now much smaller and less visible, the eyes have been completely overworked as well as the nose. The highlights have been softened and the eyebrows changed completely. That's quite a heavy makeover the poor thing had to go through but it was well worth it.

Lilith comes in 12 beautiful makeup variations. My personal favs are the ones in the second makeup picture cause they really get me in a late summer/early fall mood and the combination of berry colors for the lips and smoky green shades for the eyes are irresistible. As usual, each purchase also includes a clean version of the skin so you can add your own makeup layers. Speaking of which ... there are six glossy lip layers available to complete your look. 

Lilith is available in the Glam Affair main store now!

Hair: TRUTH *mesh
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard.
Skin: Glam Affair - 'Lilith' (new)

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