Happy Birthday, Style Yakuza!

We're all pretty and fancy schmancy and there's cake. Yep, our lil ole blog is one year old. Who would have thought we'd make it that far? We surely didn't. And after approx 600 pics we took, cropped and edited and almost 280 blog posts, it's high time to get all mushy and thank some people who supported us during the last year.

First of all we'd like to thank our fellow flickrites and plurkers for putting up with our spamming of their contacts pages and timelines and for their constructive criticism and praise. 

And we need to thank those content creators who trust enough in our skills to make their clothes look pretty that they actually drop free stuff on us which we very much appreciate: Aida, Aydan, Chiaki, lantern, M4ri1yn, Mochi, Noirran, Salah, Sebastien and Ruina. Special thanks go to Elise, our beloved cupcake lady, who made the gorgeous birthday cake for us. <3

Last but not least we want to thank everyone who checked out our blog and contributed to almost 30,000 views.

Mushy mode off!

On the girls:
Hair: [elikatira]
Eyes: sorry.asia
Lashes: [ glow ]
Skins: [Pink Fuel]
Dresses: chocolate atelier (new)
Nails: [MANDALA]
Shoes: [Gos]

On the guys:
Hair: Sadistic Hacker
Eyes: sorry.asia
Eyeliner: ~Tableau Vivant~
Skins: ~Tableau Vivant~
Suits: *Connors*
Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild
Poses: Diesel Works, Del May

Cake: Cupcakes & Poetry





The colours change in the valley skies

Hair: [taketomi]
Hairbase: Plume (new)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~
Scarf: [NSD]
Shirt: AITUI (new)
Bracelet: - .HoD. - (new)
Pants: GABRIEL (new)
Boots: The Abyss

Location: Sea Salts

Dividing sparrows from the nightingales

Hair: .ploom. (new)
Hairflower: miel
Skin: Glam Affair
Lashes: [ glow ]
Blouse: Maitreya
Nails: [MANDALA]
Skirt: miel
Legwarmers: tram
Shoes: [Gos]
Poses: Olive Juice

Location: Channel Island Asylum

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