Skin Review - Glam Affair [Cassiopea]

She's finally there - Glam Affair just released their brand new Cassiopea skin and it's plain adorable. Cassiopea comes in 6 skin tones that have been completely overworked and do not resemble the old skin tones anymore. The whole body is different - the old signature collarbones and rib cages have been seriously toned down, the abs are flatter and smoother and the most adorable butt dimples have been added that's why you see a rear shot here for the first time. The skin has less glow, the tones are warmer than before.

Cassiopea's face is just gorgeous. Those who complained about too much realism such as pores and beauty marks in the former skins will be happy to see that this face is smooth as a baby bum. Two different freckle versions can now be added as a tattoo layer as well as a cleavage option that comes both on the tattoo as well as the undershirt layer.

Cassiopea is available in 12 different makeups with each purchase including blonde, brown and red eyebrows with and without hairbases as well as a clean version of the skin. The lips are less dominant than on the older skins, have less shine and a much creamier appeal. 

In summary, Cassiopea is a dropdead gorgeous and brandnew skin that is OUT NOW so go and demo. <3

Hair: [elikatira] *mesh
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard.
Skin: Glam Affair - 'Cassiopea' (new)

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