And for a minute there I lost myself

Hair: Exile (new) *mesh
Eyes: ~Tableau Vivant~ 
Glasses: [ Mr. Poet ]
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~
Pullover: ISPACHI (new) *mesh
Pants: {Cracked Mirror} (new for FaMESHed) *mesh
Socks: :SEY
Shoes: *FIR & MNA*
Poses: Del May
Skybox: Trompe Loeil *mesh



  1. Scrolling through the iheartsl feed as I normally do while faced with sleeplessness when I saw your picture and it struck me through my heart - before it gets weird, I have a book series that I am in love with and you've captured what I imagine one of the main characters (and my favorite) looks like near perfectly. I just had to leave a comment to let you know.

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment, glad you like the look (and now I'm curious which book series that is).

    Have a great weekend without insomnia!

  3. Thank you, I actually did have a great start to my weekend.

    The character your look reminded me so much of was Asher from the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series (mouth full, goodness) it's written by Laurell K. Hamilton. I have to say what reminded me most of him was the long blonde hair and that you didn't look feminine or like a biker, but you captured a strong masculine vibe while remaining.. beautiful - which is a word I use most to describe females. It's a little hard to put my finger on and explain, Asher is a lot of things but you captured his look that I imagine the most, beautiful, masculine and rimmed with a little sadness.

  4. That's quite a compliment, thanks a lot for explaining. :-)


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