Skin Review - Tableau Vivant [Vincent]

Ever since I first rezzed almost 4 years ago, I've been looking for the perfect skin to make my shape look like I intended it to look. As I am not a demo person, this was a costly and frustrating journey with some highlights that came pretty close but never close enough. And after some major skin purchase failures in the last weeks (I really should start demoing stuff), there was light at the end of the tunnel when Tableau Vivant released their first male skin - Vincent!

This time I actually grabbed a demo and one of another newly released skin and simply let my fellow flickrites decide. The result was a landslide victory for Tableau Vivant and I am deeply grateful to Mr Magic for saving me from going through all the skin tones and losing the last bit of sanity left.

Vincent comes in 12 skin tones - from extremely pale to drow dark. Each tone includes a version with and without hair base. Plus there's a bunch of beard layers you can add which I was too lazy to snap cause the average man like me spends approx. 3,000 hours of his life shaving so I'm not going this way in SL.

There's also a ton of makeup options, some plain black eyeliner, colored eyeliners and more dramatic sparkly options which are quite fun to play with. And a teeth add-on that's extremely well-made and not featured here because I can already hear the nasty 'beaver' jokes on plurk again. But trust me, the teeth look good.

You better get used to this skin cause I'm not taking it off anymore. If it ain't broken, don't change it!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ ' Vincent' (new)
Hair: [ EGO ] (new)
Piercing (face): - .HoD. - (new)
Piercing (chest): - .HoD. - (new)
Piercing (tummy): - .HoD. - (custom made, all mine!)
Boxers: VITAMEN (new monthly gift)
Poses: Diesel Works


  1. Awesome!!!
    Thank you so much \o/

  2. Glad you like it.

    And I have to thank you, I'm saving a lot of time on blog posts now cause I needn't fix crappy skins anymore :p


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