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When someone spends the evening before a vacation on a pose stand to snap dozens of pictures of lipstick layers and makeup options there are only two possibilities: one has gone nuts or a new skin has been released that had been much anticipated. I promise I'm not nuts but jumped with joy when Mochi Milena finally released her new Elly skin.

I'm a conservative and brand-loyal skin buyer. Even though I immediately rush to stores and demo every new release of every brand that seems to be the best thing since sliced bread, there are only two brands I stick to on a daily basis: Glam Affair for the more mature and glamorous diva look and [Pink Fuel] for the cute and girly freckled beach bum. I can tell you the lack of cute in my inventory was almost driving me insane and so were Mochi's teasers on flickr and plurk. But all is well that ends well and here she is, here's Elly! *hugs her tight*

Other credits:
Hair: [elikatira]
Eyes: sorry.asia
Bikini: [SC] Surf Couture
Poses: {.:exposeur:.} 

Elly comes in six different skin tones and the one I'm sporting is 'honey'. Every skin tone comes in a freckled version and one without. If you wonder where the cute teeth went, well the teeth are no longer available as a skin option but come with the different lipstick layers which is a feature I really love.

There are 22 glamorous metallic eyeshadows in total and Mochi packed two different options in each skin pack. Please tp to the store to see the 11 skin packs available. The ones featured here are my personal favs - from top left to bottom right those are: Aqua, Baby Doll, Bewitch, Goldilux, Tiara and Tutu.

If you see all the lipstick layer options available, you'll understand why it took so long until Elly finally hit the store. But it was worth waiting cause they add a completely different look to the skins. The upper row shows the Doll Gloss layers in Beestung, Hot Pink and Tart. These are ultra glossy lipsticks with a deeper shade at the center and a softer shade along the corners of the mouth. Of course, like all lipstick layers, they come with a teeth option. There are nine doll glosses in total and I paired them with the eyeshadow in Copper.

The bottom row features the Glam Lipsticks. Those have a deeper saturation and add a more mature look, especially when matched with the eyeshadow in Gunmetal. There are eleven different shades available and the ones shown here are Cherry (with teeth), Burgundy and Hot Pink (with teeth).

These two lipstick options are my absolute favs because they perfectly add to the girly summer feeling of the skin. In the upper row you see - together with the eyeshadow in Scene - three versions of the Juicy Gloss. It is juicy indeed with just the right amount of gloss to make the lips look highly kissable. The colors featured here are Lingerie Pink, Peach and Strawberry.

The bottom row shows the Sheer Balm in Lingerie Pink, Nude and Sherbet. I love the soft shades, the tiny bit of gloss and the overall fresh appearance of them especially when matched with a very soft and feminine eyeshadow like the one shown here in Pearl. 

There are also five strong and vivid Pop Lipsticks available which I'm not featuring cause in my point of view they take a bit of the lightness and freshness of this skin away but as they come on a really transparent alpha, you can surely match them perfectly with other skins - like all lipstick layers offered in this skin release. 

If you want to see all the different options, head over to the [Pink Fuel] store or visit Lanie's blog first. The poor girl probably got a cramp from standing on the pose stand for hours.

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