Skin Review - Glam Affair [Angelica]

Tomorrow night the revamped sim hosting Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant will open and the two energizer bunnies Aida and M4ri1yn have been so busy with new releases that us poor bloggers don't get off of our pose stands anymore. Yes, I'm whining on the highest level possible. 

Aida Ewing will release two new female skins - Angelica and Lucy - and she has done a wonderful job. I'm proudly sporting Angelica which comes in the usual six basic tones so no worries, all your feet, hand and boob appliers will work perfectly. But Aida has worked over the former Glam Affair body and perfectly smoothened the line between abdomen and chest, no more visible break unless you strike a really wonky pose.

There are twelve makeups available and each purchase also contains a clean version. The makeups are rich and luscious with perfectly glossy lips. There are three matte layers included in each pack as well an an extra glossy layer to modify your lips and three layers to tweak your nose to perfection depending on your shape. Three hairbases in blonde, red and dark complete your modification kit.

Each makeup comes in eight (!) eyebrow versions - one without brows so you can add your personal layers of choice and the seven colors shown below.

Angelica is an adorable sweetheart of a skin - youthful and fresh. Aida's use of highlights is flawless as usual and together with the overworked body Angelica is a skin you should most definitely demo once the sim is open.

The hair worn in the pictures is one of four new girls' styles to be released by M4ri1yn Magic of Tableau Vivant. I really love the natural flow all his styles have and he has become my favorite hairmaker in such a short time only. 

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ (by m4ri1yn.magic) *out soon
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (by audrey.lamede)
Skin: -Glam Affair- (by aida.ewing) *out soon

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