Skin Review - Glam Affair [Summer for United Fashion Project]

Summerfest '13 is over and in my humble opinion it was so far the best event of the shopping year in SL. Next to Anya Ohmai's adorable lil otter avatars, Glam Affair's Summer skins (featured here) were my absolute fav but as a perma-pale blonde I thoroughly missed my Europa skin tone. 

No more need to whine and pout as a new event has started - the United Fashion Project. Aida Ewing is among the many amazing designers contributing their creations to this event and she's offering four beautiful makeups of the Summer skin in a skin tone made for girls who usually hide under the parasols on the beach. 

All makeups include hairbases in blonde, red and dark.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ (by missallsunday.lemon)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} (by soleil.reid)
Skins: -Glam Affair- (by aida.ewing) *new for United Fashion Project

Taxi to United Fashion Project!

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