Skin Review - Tableau Vivant [Nathan]

I'd like to start this with some whining... the last Tableau Vivant skin release was in October! It's true, we had to wear the same stinky skin for more than a half year now while watching a whole beauty pageant of Glam Affair's Rozas, Amberlys and Margots for the girls pass by. Done with the whining.

Some minutes ago Tableau Vivant released the first of two new male skins - Nathan. And it's really beautiful. It's available in fourteen (!) skin tones (now it's your turn to be jealous, ladies) featured above and each tone comes in blonde, brown and dark eyebrows as shown below. So much about the stats.

Nathan's nose is smaller than on the past skins and it has freckles. Not really big or 'in your face' but they're there and they look good. The lips are glossy and have a more natural contour. The thing I love the most are the highlights placed in the inner eye corners and above the upper lip which add a very natural look. The body looks defined and yep, there are dimples on the lower back again. That's it, demos are available in the main store.

Hair: Exile (by kavar.cleanslate) *new
Eyes: {Dead Apples} (by soleil.reid) *group gift
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ (by aida.ewing) *out now

Sidenote: I said to a certain someone I need to write something more suitable than 'If you don't wanna fuck me, you must be deeply sick, go see a doctor.' and all I got was a 'I dare you'. Don't dare me at 2 am - done!


  1. *facepalms at the sidenote* Some people should be forbidden to be online after midnight, just saying. <3

    1. That's what happens when you leave me unsupervised. <3

  2. I don't wanna fuck you (don't faint now) but I must say, I just went to buy that skin and it looks even better than the Marilyn skin. Which says a lot. I love how detailed it is without getting tooooo detailed. Now I'm gonna see a doctor, cya :P

    1. *faints* You're one major diappointment in my SLife, Mister Volare. But it's true, I didn't think anything could get me to ditch my Marilyn skin but this really did it for me. And now I demand pics!


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