Hey you, what the f*** is wrong with you

Hair: DURA (by chiaki.xue) *new for Menswear Fashion Week 2013
Hairbase: [LANEVO] (by lantern.evolution)
Lashes: Maitreya (by onxy.leshelle)
Eyes: ~Tableau Vivant~ (by m4ri1yn.magic) *new for The Gallery Gift Shop
Ears: [MANDALA] (by kikunosuke.eel)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ (by m4ri1yn.magic) *not yet released

Necklace: [MANDALA] (by kikunosuke.eel)
Shirt: +grasp+ (by asalt.eames) *new for Menswear Fashion Week 2013
Watch: [MANDALA] (by kikunosuke.eel)
Pants: RONSEM (by eow.reverie) *new
Boots: ISPACHI (by diamuid.miklos)

Poses: Diesel Works (by rogan.diesel) 
Location: Megastructure

So I went to Menswear Fashion Week 2013... The shortage of male fashion releases the last two months made me expect there would be awesomeness to be had and that everyone was making Blender squirm and smoke only to spoil us shamelessly neglected gentlemen with an abundance of ‘must haves’ and ‘cannot live withouts’.

I arrived, things rezzed and to be honest I choked. Who let the harem guards go wild with their architectural fantasies? Seriously… no! Maybe you haven’t read the memo but men like it simple. We are simple but happy. White, gold and turquoise are not our colors (yes, I had to look up the proper spelling of turquoise in a dictionary cause to me it’s either blue or green depending on the light).

Once my eyes got used to the architectural atrocity I derendered the Gorean hunk with his slave on a leash (how very 2008) and the French trio of gogo dancers in their neon green thongs – I do hope they were gogo dancers cause they have no other excuse for their outfits. I was also mean enough to turn down the friends request of the girl with the huge cock who proudly told everyone who didn’t care that she was a ‘sheman’. I shoved all that in the ‘this is SL - your world, your imagination’ drawer, closed it and focused on shopping.

There were the usual suspects of good quality menswear – AITUI, GABRIEL, grasp. But those are on my monthly shopping list anyways and I was there to discover new stores.

I cammed into the first store in visual range and saw a coat that looked pretty decent. Nice design, nice texture – the kind of ‘Darling, let’s finish the cup of Earl Grey, leash the Corgies and go for a ride’ countryside style. I put that on my list together with the shirts that showed a tiny bit of collar and a tie.

The store next to it had a similar coat and shirts… wait, what? Not similar, the same. Just a different texture but down to the very last button it was the same. And as I had to wait for things to rezz anyways I opened my browser and checked the marketplace for the usual sweatshops for mesh prefabs. There was the coat and also the shirt with the tie. And the pants from the other store that managed to gain my attention for more than eleven seconds.  I did a quick count and figured that about 70% of the new-to-me brands were using those ready-made mesh items.

Well, as a wannabe designer you can’t go wrong with them, right? But as a consumer I wonder why I should pay 250L on a single shirt when the full-perm item costs 200L and all I have to do is smack a new texture on it. I also wonder why I should support this while the creators of original mesh spend hours on designing, rigging, etc and charge the same amount. Sorry, not going there.

And as I am not into fish net stockings or jackets with feather accents (no offense, some of you guys look ravishing in them!) I went back to the usual suspects, grabbed their original mesh items and tp’ed home.

Just saying, dear designers and organizers of Menswear Fashion Week 2013… if anyone dared to offer this train wreck to the ladies, they’d be faced with a shitstorm unsurpassed and driven out of SL with pitchforks. And damn right so!


  1. I look gorgggg in fishnet stockings, just saying. And you should have accepted that friends request, everyone needs a 'sheman' on their friendslist.

    On a serious note: thanks for the honesty. That was just my impression from what I saw on the feeds and I'll happily resort to using area search to check out 'the usual suspects' and throw my money on them.

  2. It's been a long time since I shopped in-world, but some things will never change. Mens items are rare, quality mens items are even a lot more rare. And thats not only because there are less male avatars than female, it's also because the majority of the male avatars aren't here for shopping. *points at your gorean hunk (hulk) with the slave* So, speaking of pitchforks, if there was a seperate SL world where they only sell black pants, menu driven sex toys and slave chains, I would gladly stab the muscled morons that way ->
    Nice post by the way, you made me laugh even though I was grumpy before I started reading. Thank you :D

    1. I hope you don't have a copyright on 'muscled morons' cause I'm so going to use that in a future rant.

      Have a good Sunday! :D

  3. Some quality mens stores refused to participate due to the fact that we had seen past shows and were decidedly unimpressed but it does seem that they have sunk to new depths this year. Btw love the blog and the title. IM me inworld and I'll give you an invite to the cheerno blogger group (although you might find things in colors you can neither spell nor wear)

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one who left that train wreck of a fashion event with a bitter taste.


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