Skin Review - Glam Affair [Luria for The Arcade]

Only one week until The Arcade opens its doors and the madness called gacha has a firm grid on SL. You know the deal: people on flickr, plurk and in world will offer their first born for a certain rare item. 

After the fantasy skins in the first round and the fairy tales skins in the second round of The Arcade, Aida Ewing of Glam Affair is now bringing us an orgy in pink, honeysuckle and rose - it's like someone shook a cherry blossom tree over a beautiful face and declared it good. 

Luria is a new fresh face and it's beautiful. But the most adorable thing are surely the makeups. The first five skins come in all shades of rose and pink with subtle blushes and very modest eyeshadows. Skins no. 6 and 7 have bright lipsticks and matching eyeshadows and then you have the full range of dolly cuteness with pastel eyeshadows and glossy two-toned lipsticks.

All skins come in the skin tone shown with three different eyebrow tattoo layers. 

Hair: TRUTH (by truth.hawks)
Hairbase: TRUTH (by truth.hawks)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} (by soleil.reid)
Skins: -Glam Affair- (by aida.ewing) *new for The Arcade (opens on 1st March)

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