Skin Review - Glam Affair [Roza for FAIR]

The last round of FAIR has just started and it seems that designers are saying goodbye to this event with a bang. Glam Affair is offering a special edition of the popular Roza skin in that gorgeous skin tone that was a 'rare' gacha item during The Arcade. It's somewhere between grey and chocolate and comes with five different eye makeups and matching lip colors: a dark eye makeup, a light grey one, one with little golden flowers around the eye and two butterfly makeups. 

Each skin comes in a version with and without hairbase.

There are also six different styles of couture lashes in mesh available - surely not meant to go with jeans and sweaters but something to add to your gowns and fantasy inspired outfits. 

Please remember that this is not a sales event, you won't get any bargains or discounts but designers charge what they think their work is actually worth.

Hair: Alice Project (new for Unhinged) *mesh
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard.
Skins: Glam Affair (new for FAIR)
Lashes: Glam Affair (new for FAIR) *mesh

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