Church is entertainment and Prozac is the drug

Hair: !lamb *mesh
Makeup: KOSH
Eyes: Poetic Colors (new for The Mens Dept) *mesh
Skins: ~Tableau Vivant~ 'Marilyn' (out soon)

Masks: [Mystic Canvass] *mesh
Piercings: -.HoD.-
Tattoos: AITUI
Armwarmers: ~Tableau Vivant~ (new for L'accessoires) *mesh
Katana: Void
Pants: [Iruco] (new) *mesh

Poses: Del May

Time to say 'thank you' ...

to Lara Darkbyrd, owner of [Mystic Canvass], for her incredible customer service. The masks worn in the pics were displayed as 'unisex' and, of course, we didn't demo them first and had to find out right before taking the pics that were was a problem with the alphas not covering certain parts of the neck. Lara did not only reply in a short time to our notecard and pay a refund but is currently working on a version that will be truly unisex. Kickass customer service is out there and deserves some praise.

to M4ri1yn Magic, owner of Tableau Vivant, for continuously delivering 100% original mesh items of excellent quality without resorting to the cheap template alternative that is becoming more and more popular among content creators. Quality comes with a price tag in either life and SL customers should always consider that from the work-time perspective there is no difference whether a creator designs a pair of jeans or accessories such as armwarmers. The process is the same - designing, texturing, rigging and uploading various sizes - and thus deserves the same fair payment.

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