Skin Review - Tableau Vivant [Ryan]

Last Sunday one of the most amazing fashion shows ever hit the grid when Glam Affair, HoD and Tableau Vivant presented their new collections of skins, eyes, mesh clothes and piercings. If you want a short overview of what you missed, I recommend to check out this absolutely amazing video.

Tableau Vivant released their new skin called Ryan which comes in eight different skin tones with blonde and brown eyebrow options - each with and without hairbases.

If the last releases of TV skins were a little too androgynous and feminine for your taste, you might want to go and demo Ryan cause this is more mature and masculine again. The body shows the same muscle definition that the first skins had as well as a hairline and the face has a great deal of realism. 

Nuff said, go demo!

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ (new) *mesh
Eyes: ~Tableau Vivant~ (new)
Piercings: - .HoD. - (new)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ 'Ryan' (new)

All Glam Affair, HoD and Tableau Vivant items are now available at the Sent to Destroy store.

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