Skin Review - .{Rue}. Pneuma

There are not many products at the moment that have the potential to wake me up from my blogging hibernation but when Ruina Kessel proudly declared this morning on plurk that after half a year of work her new skinline was finally done, I happily logged on and dragged my lazy butt on the pose stand. Ruina is probably best known as the lady who makes SL's most awesome horns, now please add 'most awesome fantasy skins' to that list, please.

Pneuma (and its female counterpart called Anima) comes in an insane amount of sixty (!) different shades. Each pack includes three different brow options and what's even better: a version with and without freckles. And not just some tiny freckles on the nose but both chest and upper arms are covered with them. Included are also three different eyeliners as well as a shape (which I'm not featuring cause I'm a narcissist). 

I won't even pretend to try and feature all sixty shades but I picked my favorite eighteen. For a full color overkill, please visit her store or check out her blog.

Skins: .{Rue}. (new)
Hair: **Dura**
Eyes: sorry.asia
Pose: Del May

Skins tone in the upper row: Takuma - Tsukuyomi - Isabeal (all with freckles)
Skin tones in the lower row: Erebos - Coyote - Tokahe (all with freckles)

Skin tones in the upper row: Evangeline - Cherelle - Jemmie (all with freckles)
Skin tones in the lower row: Zir - Shalim - Fricka (all with freckles)

Skin tones in the upper row: Anathema - Mizuchi - Minthe ( (all without freckles)
Skin tones in the lower row: Varuna - Theia - Glacius (all without freckles)


  1. Oh my god, Takuma, this post is amazing. First of all, you look drop dead amazing in the skins!! And secondly, thank you so much for the glowing review. I'm humbled. <3

  2. No need to be humbled, this skin is more than amazing. *pushes you out into the limelight with a huge grin*


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