Curtain Call

After two months without a single update on the blog, it is probably safe to say that Style Yakuza is a matter of the past. We stopped blogging for very personal reasons that forced us to focus on real life.

Thanks to designers for the great cooperation in the past, to those who checked out our blog for their views and most of all to friends and family for their support and for putting up with our pixel vanity.

Bunny Brickworks
Greta Gazov
Takuma Kawashima
Takuya Kawashima


  1. *schnief* i will miss your pics and styles for sure <3. *andschniefagain*

  2. SL lost its best style bloggers. I dont know the reason, but as you stated its personal so I'll try to not be nosey. Thank you guys and gals for all the work, effort, energy, styles, fun, ideas and inspiration you have given to many Second Lifers for such a long time. Mwah!!!!!

  3. Going to miss you four. Hope all is well and if not gets better and if getting better continues to go that way. Stay stylin! ♥

  4. Thank you all. <3

    I don't mind sharing. In February my Papa was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time in four years. It looked very bad and doctors told us he might only have a few good months more till shit would hit the fan. Such news leaves you with two options: hide in a happy place like SL or put on the big girl panties and face reality and fight. I've never been the one to hide and the last two months we all went through an endless ordeal of worries, chemo sessions, hospitals and preparing for the worst case.

    Greta and Takuya had already resigned from blogging at the end of last year and now it was time for Takuma and me to quit, too. We tried to sneak out of the back door, informed designers, left groups and focused on what really counted. But we received a bunch of messages asking where we went and so we decided to make a last blog post and make this official.

    We all loved blogging but in these two months without any SL activity besides logging in to clear out some notices or answer offlines we also realized we felt a certain relief in not having the bad feeling of letting friends down who make their living with their SL creations by not blogging in a timely fashion.

    Anyways, the chemo worked so far and my Papa shoud be cancer-free by the end of summer. It is still a rocky road but things don't look so grim anymore.

    Thanks for all your support!

  5. Bunny I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's illness. But knowing you, I know he will fight the war and win it especially with the family that he has supporting him. Will miss you, but real life and family are more important. Just know I'm sending you lots of good energy.

  6. We'll miss your blogging, but RL must always come first. Sort that with SL in alphabetical order, and that will demonstrate it in the most simple of ways. Wishing you all the best and a full recovery to your father. X.

  7. im unsure what to say, but this makes me very sad.. i wish you all the best

  8. Thank you all. Everything shall be good. :-)

  9. Glad to hear the updated news that he took well to the chemo. You guys will be missed and I hope all of you take care. I wish you the best<333

  10. Thank you all so much for your kind words and the positive vibes. <3

    Today we're starting one of the last two chemo sessions and then radiation therapy starts. All doctors are more than positive that we'll win this fight and that's all that counts right now.

    Life has a funny way to kick you in your guts when you're the happiest but at least this situation helped us to focus on the essentials.


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