Skin Review - Pink Fuel [Alyx for Skin Fair 2013]

Skin Fair 2013 has started and Mochi Milena of [Pink Fuel] has finally released the full set of her Alyx skin which has already found some die-hard fans in its special versions for several events. Alyx is simply adorable, not too youthful but cute with a gorgeous face and perfect body. 

The skin comes in ten different tones as shown above: porcelain, ivory, vanilla, peach, latte, hazel, caramel, mocha, java and espresso. Once you made up your mind about the perfect tone, you can choose among eight different eye makeups:

The makeups are: blue, lt. smokey, natural, pink, pure, purple, smokey and winged. Each makeup comes with four brow options: no brows, light brows, auburn brows and dark brows. And as if that wasn't enough, there are versions with creased and uncreased eyelids included.

And now comes the lip layer insanity (remember you need a SL viewer that is able to handle tattoo layers for those to work). Those lip layers are included in the cosmetics pack and you might get a little crazy trying them all but no worries there's a reference sheet included with each purchase.

These are the Classic Lipsticks in the following shades from left to right (all lip layers shown on the vanilla skin tone): fuschia, hot pink, orchid, pin up red, ruby red and vintage red.

Lip Lustre layers in bonbon tones from left to right: berry bonbon, cherry bonbon, orange bonbon, pink bonbon and rose bonbon. All lip layers come in a version with and without teeth showing.

And some more creamy glossy Lip Lustre goodness with salmon, squeezed, hi-c and candy apple in the upper picture and nude, icing, sprinkle and smoked pink in the lower picture. Again all with and without teeth options.

Which takes us to the last set of lip layers if you don't like vivid colors and want to go for a more natural look - the tints. From left to right: base, nude, orange and pink.

Now all you have to do is brave the lag at Skin Fair 2013 and grab some demos to try this sweetheart of a skin on your shape.

Hair: TRUTH (by truth.hawks) *new
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (by audrey.lamede)
Skin: [Pink Fuel] (by mochi.milena) *new for Skin Fair 2013

Taxi to Skin Fair 2013!

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